Anti-Violence Network of Georgia

 Anti-Violence Network of Georgia

The Anti-Violence Network of Georgia (AVNG) has been working on the issues of violence against women and domestic violence since 2003 in Georgia. AVNG unites 10 regional committees and 6 sub-committees throughout Georgia. The organization supports the victims of domestic violence with legal consultation, psycho-social rehabilitation and shelter service.

Together with the representatives of relevant governmental and nongovernmental institutions AVNG was actively involved in the process of developing the law “On Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection and Assistance of Victims of Domestic Violence”, which was adopted by the Parliament on 25 May 2006.

Since 2007 with the initiative of AVNG 5 packages of legal amendments were prepared (the majority of them were adopted by the Georgian Parliament) the aim of which was to develop legal base for successfully fighting against domestic violence and effectively protecting the victims of domestic violence.

AVNG is one of the first organizations in Georgia, which started to work on domestic violence and opened shelter in Tbilisi and Akhaltsikhe. Besides the state, AVNG remains as the only organization that provides shelter service for the domestic violence victims.

It is noteworthy that the organization’s shelter plays the role of the crisis center as well and serves the domestic violence victims even in case they haven’t yet acquired the legal status of the domestic violence victim. As long as women do not need to undergo additional bureaucratic procedures to get in AVNG shelter, it is always loaded and plays vital role for those women and children that are domestic violence victims and require urgent support.

AVNG actively cooperates with the local self-government bodies in terms of implementing measures against domestic violence. As a result of this successful cooperation in 2015 AVNG opened crisis center in Gurjaani municipality.

One of the important directions of AVNG work is psycho-social support to the perpetrators, which aims avoiding the repeated violence and ensuring victims’ safety, as well as undergoing the obligatory course oriented at changing violent behavior from the side of perpetrators.

AVNG has been conducting trainings and information meetings throughout Georgia for many years. The targets of the organization are those groups that are directly or indirectly involved in measures against domestic violence. Namely: judges, policemen, prosecutors, lawyers, representatives of social service, representatives of local serf-government bodies, human rights defenders, in order to raise their awareness on domestic violence and support the establishment of effective victim protection and support system.