“Association of Helping Children with Hearing and Speaking Disorders”- – ” Parent’s Union ”

“Association of Helping Children with Hearing and Speaking Disorders”- – ” Parent’s Union ”

 was founded in 1997 by the parents of disabled children.

The aim of the association

The protection of the rights of the disabled people and their guardians, the support of the child’s personal and harmonious development. The accessibility of education, art, sport, professional education and employment, using the inclusive methods of teaching and their integration into the society by participating in  different cultural activities.

Association’s vision

To help the formation of such society, which gives everyone an opportunity to equally develop their potential, improve their personal welfare, and contribute to social life.

Association’s mission

people with disabilities have equal conditions and opportunities for professional and vocational training in the field of employment, social entrepreneurship development, employment of persons with disabilities, to raise public awareness.

Social  inclusion of the  disabled  children   and     adult’s imrovement  of    their   living  standarts,   change of   the existing   negative  attitude    of  society   society  towards   adult’s  physical    and   mental   defects.

Target groups

Children and adults  with limited possibilities.

Parents(guardians) of the children with limited possibilities

The main direction of the activities

  • Psycho-social rehabilitation of the disabled children and their families
  • Advocacy
  • Education of the disabled children
  • Modulation of the inclusive methods of education
  • Professional teaching; raise of social consciousness.

  • Contact information:
  • Organization address is: Vazha Pshavela Av.73, third quarter, block I, apartment 14.
  • Contact person: Maia Asakashvili, Chairmen of the Association.
  • Tell: 323482; E- mail: asakashvili_maia@yahoo.com