NNLE Divine Child Foundation of Georgia (DCFG)

NNLE Divine Child Foundation of Georgia (DCFG)

NNLE Divine Child Foundation of Georgia is a sister organization of US-based Divine Child Foundation. Its Executive Director Gilbert Jullien has been working as a philanthropist in Georgia since 2005.

Main goals of the organization are:

  • Providing, creating and developing psychosocial and medical services;
  • Supporting development of formal and non-formal education and increasing access to such education.

Any person living in Georgia that requires services (including adult and youth belonging to vulnerable groups) defined by the mission of the organization may be a target group of its services.

The activities of organization, in regards to the members of its target groups, are defined as follows:

  • Providing, creating and improving psychosocial services;
  • Developing healthcare services and increasing access;
  • Developing preventive activities;
  • Creating and implementing non-formal educational activities;
  • Improving existing educational services and increasing access;
  • Holiday-recovery care;
  • Scientific research activities.

NNLE Divine Child Foundation of Georgia has been involved in the state program of small family-type houses since 2011 and manages four small family-type houses. In each house live 10 beneficiaries of age 6 to 18. 24-hour service provided in each house is managed by one leader and four caregivers. The children attend local public schools. They also receive additional education, formal and non-formal, based on their wishes and abilities.

Our organization works on restoration of relationships between our beneficiaries and their families. Our priority is to return each child to their families. If this is not possible, we work with the Social Agency to find a foster family for a child. Children that are not able to return to their families or for whom a foster family cannot be found, remain at small family-type houses until they turn 18. DCFG commits to preparing the children for future, independent life.

Currently, our organization is implementing another EU project in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region: “Promoting productive and full citizenship among vulnerable youth of Georgia through education, training and employment”. The project aims to find employment for beneficiaries over 18 years old.

NNLE Divine Child Foundation of Georgia

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