The Coalition Requests the Committee to Involve It in the Process of Development of the Children’s Code

On April 20 2018 the Coalition submitted a written request to Ms. Sophio Kiladze, Chair of Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee to involve the Coalition member organizations in the development of the draft Children’s Code (the drafting of the Code has been underway since  June 11 2017). The goal of the Coalition for Children and Youth is to reflect all practical experience the Coalition member NGOs have gained in the process of working on children’s issues over the many years and therefore, we consider that it is crucial to involve the Coalition member NGOs in the working process.

In accordance with the standard set by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), it is important to allow the representatives of the civil sector and NGOs working in the child protection area to contribute to the development and monitoring of children’s rights policy in Georgia.